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Question: What is the listening port for the Windows Remote Desktop application that comes with my Windows Version?

The listening port number for the Windows Remote Desktop application runs on port: 3389. If you are using a firewall or router with the computer you wish to connect to while at work or another location then make sure you review the following or you will have trouble!

If using a Router on your High Speed Internet or DSL Network:

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Question: How can I make those 'White Baloon' help messages in my system tray go away? I'm using Windows XP.

Your wanting to know how to permanently disable those irritating "white balloon" help messages that keep popping up all over my desktop and system tray? There are a couple of things you can done to get rid of these for good! To my knowledge these instructions are for Windows XP+. I am not sure about Windows Vista but it may be worth a try if your having this problem and your running that version of Windows.

First Solution:

1.) Open up any window or click on My Computer.
2.) Click on the Tools tab near the top of the window you have open.

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Question: When I access a Network from a Win XP to a Win 98SE computer, I get a (ComputerName\IPC$). How do I stop this?

So your running a network with at least (1) Machine using Windows XP and (1) Machine using Windows 98SE right? For some reason when you try to access files on the other computer it's asking for some type of login information or prompting an error similar to: ComputerName\IPC$ correct?

I actually remembered running into this myself. There are a couple of things you do and go over to stop this error.

Things to go over and check to fix this are:

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Question: How can I password protect my network shares on Microsoft Windows XP?

You want to password protect your folders and data on Windows XP but seem having trouble on what to do, or what changed differently from previous versions of Windows right? There are a couple things to go over depending on which version of Windows XP your running on the computer in question.

Microsoft Windows XP Professional:

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Question: How can I change the default windows login to another user besides Administrator?

This can commonly happen as Administrator is the first account created. Most people will just use Administrator as the user name to do their daily tasks on the computer. Then the day comes when your kids want to use the computer for game or homework and you really don't want them to mess up your desktop or resolution settings.

Easy known solution for this:

You have to assign a password to the Admin account and setup another user as admin. The admin account should disappear and you will always be prompted with the User & Guest account.

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Question: How to fix error code 65 when using PING in command prompt?

Has something happened where you are getting a strange error code of 65 when trying to ping a IP Address or a website?



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Question: How to stop Windows from placing short cuts of every Network I have visited in my shared resources?

If your experiencing this, you know this getting annoying real fast. Especially in the business or office/workplace. There is one possible solution to fix this issue that I know of.


1.) Click on [ My Network Places ].
2.) Click on Tools tab.
3.) Then click on Folder Options.
4.) Click on View
5.) Make sure that you un-check "Automatically search for network folders and printers".

Once you have made sure this feature has been disabled you can go though and delete the remaining short cuts that are still there.

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Question: Why does Windows XP Pro only allow '10' incoming client connections? Can I over ride this limit at all?

Tired of capping out on your incoming client connections by only '10' on Microsoft Windows XP Pro? Well I am sorry to say but you won't find the answer you looking for, but I will explain this further for you so you have a better understanding as to why.

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Question: Does Microsoft Windows XP Pro have IIS? (Internet Information Services)

IIS (Internet Information Services) is a recognized web document service that will serve and share these documents over a LAN/Intranet or Internet. You might be familiar with Linux type versions of this such as Apache. These services are typically setup so Windows users can create or configure their own web servers over the Internet. In previous versions of Windows the IIS module or service was much easier to find and install. On Windows XP it is a bit more hidden but very simple to find. Please proceed to read the simple instructions below if you wish to proceed to use this service.

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Question: How can I find or start up Net Meeting using Microsoft Windows?

Remember seeing Microsoft Net Meeting before but don't remember how to get back to it or re-enable it? There are a few very simple instructions to follow to get Microsoft Net Meeting working once again.

First click on the [ Start ] Menu.
Click on [ Run ].
Type in: CONF into the field box.
Click on [ OK ].

After running these simple instructions you should be back in business and be able to now run and configure Microsoft Net Meeting.

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Question: How can I get rid of the annoying Microsoft Messenger icon on Windows?

Sick and tired of that stupid Microsoft Windows Messenger icon in your System Tray in the bottom right corner of your screen every time you boot your computer up? There are a few methods below you can use to remove this service once and for good.

Method #1

Click Start, click Programs, Accessories, and click Notepad. Once Notepad is open, click File, click Open, and for the filename type in: C:\WINDOWS\INF\SYSOC.INF and hit enter.

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Windows 98/98SE/2000/XP/VISTA: Change serial / registration key without having to reinstall Microsoft Windows!

Run multiple computers at home or run a business? Have you ran into a problem where you or someone else may have accidentally typed in the wrong Microsoft Windows registration or serial key on one of your systems? Or perhaps auditing issues? No problem, below are some simple instructions you can follow to do just that on all versions of Microsoft Windows (Win98) and higher!

To change your Product Key without Reinstall, you can do the following:

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There is a program that is already removed from the computer, but I can still see it on the Add/Remove Programs list.

There are program(s) that are already supposed to be removed from my computer, but I can still see it on my [Add/Remove Programs] list in control panel. How do I get rid of these?

Removing Invalid Entries in the Add/Remove Programs Tool by opening up REGEDIT and removing entries at the following ->

For the technically declined:

1.) Click on Start.
2.) Click on Run.
3.) Type in: REGEDIT, then click on OK.

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Question: How do I turn off the Windows Picture and Fax Viewer as my default image viewer on my computer?

How do I turn off the Windows Picture and Fax Viewer as my default image viewer on my computer? The Windows Picture and Fax Viewer is set as the default image viewer for all sorts of file types in Windows XP. Unfortunately, choosing a new program as the default in the File Types window won't change this, and there's no option in the Windows interface that can disable this component. It's a really bad design, and it takes a Registry change to fix it:

Solution #1:

1.) Run the Registry Editor (REGEDIT.EXE).

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Question: When I click on icons in Control Panel, nothing happens. CTRL-ALT-DEL gives me a error message. What is happening?

This is a strange and unique error but I thought it was worth writing about.

For a possible fix to this issue without formatting, please perform the following:

Click Start, Click Run and type SFC /SCANNOW and hit Enter on your keyboard. Once this is done, turn off or reboot your computer.

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Question: Outlook Attachments in Outlook Express 6 will not open. Why not and how can I fix this?

Having problems with file attachments not seeming to open in Outlook Express 6 for some reason? There is a pretty simple way to fix this if this is happening to you.

Open up your Outlook Express 6, then choose on Tools, then choose Options, then the Security tab, and select INTERNET ZONE. After you have done that, make sure that the option "Do not allow attachments to be saved or opened that could potentially be a virus" is UNCHECKED. Then click APPLY and then click OK.

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Question: Finding strange advertisment/prompts messages on my computer while on the internet. How do I get rid of them?

Ever see messages that look like the image below on your computer with the text "Messenger Service at the top?

Strange advertisements or messages!

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Question: How can I get Outlook Express to minimize into my System Tray in the lower right hand corner near my clock on Windows?

Ever wish you could hide Outlook Express to your Windows System Tray near the time clock on your Task bar? (Lower right hand corner by default) Well now your able to do just that with very few things to do to get it to work like this.

Our friends at have developed a free tool you can install that does just that. You may download it from their site as they are the developers. If your having trouble you can also download the utility from out server here:

Please feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions or concerns. You may also open a new topic at the forum in the correct category.


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WinXP Issue: After running Start -> Run -> and type in "ipconfig" it disappears and doesn't show me my IP Address. Why not?

Reported Windows XP Error: After I type in IPCONFIG in the Start -> Run field, my IP Address information is not displayed. What do I have to do to find out my network adapter IP Address information?

This is a common problem I witnessed in my early days of using Windows XP and it seems this is not a reported bug. Microsoft had made new changes with removing DOS from it's Windows Operating System entirely. This caused some small issues with Windows users who were familiar with their previous Operating System Windows 98/SE.

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Problem: I have a computer with Win2k and one with WinXP. The XP one can see the Win2k but not the other way around.

Common Windows Networking issue ->
I have a computer with Win2k and one with WinXP. The XP one can see the Win2k but not the other way around.

This can usually be fixed by going over a few basic things listed below.

Possible Solutions.
1.) Have you disabled the XP's built in firewall?
2.) Is something shared on the XP PC (files, folders, hard drive etc etc)?
3.) Is the User Account on the 2000 PC added as a User Account on the XP PC?
4.) Is the Guest Account enabled on the XP PC?

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Every time I want to save a photo or a pic (from internet) on to my Hard Drive, I can save it only in BMP format. - Quick Fix!

Surfing the internet see a few pictures you would like to save for later use and you notice that their always saving as .BMP and not a their original format like .gif, .jpg, .jpeg? This is a very annoying bug with our friend Windows XP and Higher. There is a easy solution to this that I had to find on my own at one time a few years back when I was designing Web Pages.

Easy Solution: ->

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I can not delete .AVI files. I receive a message the file is in use by another process! How to fix this here.

Ever seen this error message recently?

"File is in use by another process!" When trying to delete any of your .AVI files? This can be very frustrating, but help is on the way!

When an AVI file is corrupt, the process that allows the preview picture to appear when you click once on the file is unable to complete. If you delete the following registry entry, you turn off this preview function for .AVI files only, preventing this problem from occurring again in the future.

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Question: CTRL-ALT-DELETE It says Task Manager Has Been Disable By Your Administrator. How do I fix this?

Every time I open Task Manager by going CTRL-ALT-DELETE, It says Task Manager Has Been Disable By Your Administrator. How do I get rid of the message when I type the required keys to do so?

There is a easy solution to this:

Click Start, Run and enter REGEDIT

Browse to: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System

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Windows XP DVD Burner or Rom Drive Displaying error code: 39 or 41 - Easy Fix!

Hello All,

I have recently ran into this problem and thought I would share. One day I recently purchased a brand new DVD burner for a computer I was working on. To my surprise there was only a disk with a little bit of burning software and no kind of drivers disk to support the new drive I had recently bought. I asked the person at Office Max and they said that it is now a new standard that these drives be auto detected by Windows XP or higher and no drivers are required to be loaded into the system or in Device Manager.

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