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Security Exploits & Scams

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Have you been scammed by a 419, Check Washing, Black Dye Money, or Ebay scam? We would love you could post your story here. A registered free account is needed to publish information in here. No personal contact information is required. We will be archiving these stories in hopes of preventing future victims.
1 1 11 years 45 weeks ago
by Computer Help
Have you recently found a new Internet type of scam you would like to share? Please submit your new information in this forum.
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Talk about computer exploits for all operating systems. WindowsX, LinuxX, Symbian, Other.
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This forum will be updated with all new exploits that I am dispatched with by email. This will be a read-only type of forum mostly. Thank you.
4 4 11 years 43 weeks ago
by Computer Help