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Just downloaded the new Google Chrome Web Browser.

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I just downloaded the Google Chrome Web Browser after hanging out with some friends late this evening. They said it was fast, blah blah. I thought it couldn't speed up your connection but I'm sure it's capable of loading large sites with many objects as every said it would do before it's release.

I have only used it for about a hour now and here what I have seen so far:

Pros: Sites like my space or sites with a lot of objects or graphics in them to appear to load rather more quickly than Firefox or Internet Explorer. Colors seem to be a bit more vibrant. I am also seeing some stuff I have never seen before in the other popular browsers. Such as strange borders of color around text box's or fields in form entries that you would normally see where filling out a registration application online, such as when you register an account to this website. It makes it look a little more cleaner and fun looking I guess.

Cons: The major thing that is making me switch back to Firefox this very minute is the lack of functionality with the spell checker feature in Google Chrome. It appears to pick out words that are misspelled very well, but when it comes to right clicking on the word, it's suggestions are very very weak. As I will be the first to admit that my spells is not too great, it will effect how I do my work and surfing online. I hope they will be able to match Fire Fox in this regard so I can continue using it.

Other than the following above, I would say it's a great choice and I would recommend it to anyone who doesn't mind having a crappy spell checker. If anyone else has started using this browser, I invite you to share your experiences in this thread by clicking on "Add Comment" below. You must have a free registered account to participate.