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Upgrading from Windows XP to Windows Vista. Can your computer handle Windows Vista Upgrade? Find out what you need to upgrade!

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Is your computer fast enough to upgrade to Windows Vista? Find out here!

Well the day has already come quite some time ago. Vista is now the Ruler of all Operating Systems in regards to Operating System popularity world wide. Microsoft has officially stopped shipping new versions of Windows XP. The only way you can get Windows XP now a days is to purchase a copy from a vendor that might have older XP copies in stock. You can also downgrade to Windows XP with some versions of Windows Vista Installations. The only difference being that it's downgradeable.

For whatever reasons, you have probably decided that it's time to upgrade one or more of your computers to use Windows Vista. Windows Vista does have some system requirements that first have to be meet before you can even upgrade or install it onto your system. I'll list the hardware system requirements for you below briefly:

(If your not familiar with computer hardware or it's terms, don't worry! There's a solution for you if you continue to read on below the system requirements!)

Windows Vista Standard Edition System/Hardware Requirements

Processor Minimum: 800 MHz Processor.
Virtual Memory aka Ram Minimum: 512MB.
Video/Graphics Card Minimum: DirectX 9.0 capable.
Video/Graphics Memory Minimum: 32 MB.
Hard Drive Capacity Minimum: 20GB Disk Size or Greater.
Disk Space Needed: 15GB of free disk space needs to be allotted for Windows Vista (Standard).
Other: CD/DVD Rom Drive Required.

Windows Vista Premium Edition System/Hardware Requirements

Processor Minimum: 1 GHz Processor.
Virtual Memory aka Ram Minimum: 1 GB.
Video/Graphics Card Minimum: DirectX 9.0 capable and WDDM 1.0 driver support.
Video/Graphics Memory Minimum: 128 MB.
Hard Drive Capacity Minimum: 40GB Disk Size or Greater.
Disk Space Needed: 15GB of free disk space needs to be allotted for Windows Vista (Premium).
Other: CD/DVD Rom Drive Required.

Don't understand Computer Hardware Terms?

I'm sure there are some of you reading that may not know what some of the hardware terms mean. Therefore, How are you supposed to know if you can go ahead and Upgrade or Install Windows Vista? Microsoft has designed a online tool that you can download using your old Operating System such as Windows XP, Windows 98, or whatever else you might be using at the present moment. You can download this tool called "Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor", also known as "Windows Vista Upgrade Adviser" (Slight spelling differences only). This tool is pretty straight forward and easy to use. It will answer most, if not all of your questions regarding upgrading your system and upgrading/installing Windows Vista. The tool will give you tips and suggestions on what you need to do, and what you should do to your computer or system to get it ready for Windows Vista.

You can directly download the Windows Vista Upgrade Adviser tool free of charge at the following address:

If the link above does not work, you may be able to reach it by visiting this link below as well:

When purchasing a copy of Windows Vista, you'll want to make sure that it contains at least Service Pack 1. Service pack 2 has been released in a Beta version already. However, You may want to ask your computer software vendor if the Windows Vista Disc that you're about to purchase, does indeed contain Service Pack 2 Beta in addition to Service Pack 1. Having these Service Packs (1 & 2) installed on the computer along with Windows Vista will fix many of the bugs, issues, and problems that you would face on without them being configured. Windows Vista's Service Pack 1 is a *must install* at the very minimum. This will protect your computer and prevent it from crashing, and many other bad things. In fact, some of your hardware might not even work without this installed. If your copy of Windows Vista does not come with Service Pack 1, go to Microsoft's website immediately, download, and install it ASAP!

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