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Send free anonymous SMS phone text messages over the internet?

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How can I send a SMS cellphone text message to a friend just using the Internet?

I purchased a 1 year contract with Verizon about 9 months ago. I purchased the plan for the same reasons other people purchase them, I got a free phone with it. I just needed something little and I really didn't care about what other features came with it. I was only concerned with size, and the ability to do basic incoming and outgoing calls with the Caller ID feature.

After some time went by (about 9 months), I noticed that my video display wouldn't show any kind of video or picture when I flipped my cell phones top open. Despite that being broken, I could still make incoming and outgoing calls with my phone. This really didn't seem to bother me until I needed a phone number out of my Contacts/Phone Book. Then I really got mad when I noticed I had 6 new text messages but couldn't read a single one!

I decided that it wouldn't make much sense to buy a new phone when my contact ended in about 4 months. So I told myself I would just stick it out with the way it is until that time comes around. A few weeks later, something came up where I had to send a SMS text message to my girlfriends cell phone. I wasn't able to call her because she was at work. Where she works, she is not allowed to take calls while on her shift. I knew that if I sent her a text message she would get it because she always keeps her cell phone on vibrate in her pocket.

This is where I began researching the idea of sending a text message from the internet, since I thought that most AOL users are able to communicate like this through AIM. Why shouldn't there be a few sites out there that wouldn't allow me to do this? To my surprise, I found quite a few of them digging through search engines. I was able to compile a list of these sites below. Some work better than others depending on your location. You might also need to know the cell phone carrier of the person you want to send the SMS text message too.

Keep in mind that most of these sites are geared more towards an anonymity use. So you have the option of leaving your name in the message or not. These kind of service's can be used if your in a tight spot, or if you want to play a prank on someone you know. I can see all the ways that this kind of free service could be abused from spammers. Hopefully, this will not be the case. Surely, these kind of websites will stay up for many more years to come.

The list of sites providing these services free of charge are:

*NOTE* When testing these, please allow 15 minutes or so to pass. When I was doing some testing, it took quite awhile for some of the messages to go through to me when I was running some tests myself.

1.) - This one appears to be the best but this site is undergoing some trouble at the time of writing this article. I expect the site to become functional again in the near future or I will end up removing it soon.

2.) - Another one you may choose to use. It looks like there is a area to insert a short subject, and a larger area for the message it's self.

3.) - SMS anonymous text message script that works similar to the other ones I listed. I haven't tested this one out yet.

4.) - Another SMS anonymous cell phone text messenger. I haven't tested this one out either yet. This one looks like it will only work in the United States.

5). - A simple SMS text message sender. This one looks like it will work world wide or in other countries. International Users might want to try to use this one if the others appear to fail.


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