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Question: I am missing a file called mss32.dll, where can I download this file at?

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Download and .DLL file replacement instructions

If you are getting a error message you are missing a file called mss32.dll while opening a new program, or just a error message in general, the solution would be to download the file that it's asking for. In this case you need to download mss32.dll and perform either of the following (3) actions or methods:

1.) Download the zip file, and extract or copy the .DLL file to the same folder where you are running the program from.
2.) Download the zip file, and extract or copy the .DLL file to folder C:\Windows\System32\ then reboot the computer for the changes to take effect. If you don't wish to reboot the computer you can follow method #3 instead.
3.) Perform the same actions in the method2 instruction explained above. Instead of rebooting the computer go ahead and do the following.

Click [Start] -> Run -> Type Command: regsvr32 mss32.dll -> Click Enter/OK The file should now be installed globally onto the Operating System. If you are still receiving error messages about the same .DLL file you may want to reboot the system just in case.


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Download: MSS32 DLL file can be download and unzipped here: Download MSS32.DLL.ZIP

File Size: 147 Kb
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