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How To: Learn how to fix and resolve the popular nVidia Video Flicker Bug in Windows Vista.

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Fix Blinking, Flickering on Windows Vista! Famous nVidia Driver Bug!

Video or Monitor Flickering in Windows Vista:

You are probably reading this because you installed or upgraded to Microsoft Windows Vista and you going out of your mind with the stupid flickering. This seems to commonly happen the most when you have a window open with video files such as, MPG, MPG2, AVI, VOB, and other type of files. Mostly this happens just by single clicking on the file trying to preview the movie in the windows preview pane. It has also been reported that this can happen just as easily when you try to launch a video or movie file in Windows Media Player, or with any other Video Player that you might have installed on your computer.

Now from what I understand there is a slew of variations of this problem. I will go over how to fix the most common ones, but if it doesn't help you, you will have to contact me, or leave a forum posts requesting more help. Please include all error information and walk us through step by step what your seeing and doing on your computer when the flickering occurs in Windows Vista. This issue has also been known to happen on a 2 or 3 monitor setup on the computer. The issue is not related to the splitting, so if your using multiple monitors and thinking that might be the problem, your wrong.

The Solution:

The solution for this variation of the flickering in Vista, is pretty simple to complete. Below are just a few steps you'll have to follow to get rid of this annoying flicker problem that your having. The goal is to disable the preview pane option to fix this.

1.) Right click on [My Computer] from your Desktop.

2.) Go to [Advanced / Performance] tab. Now, click the custom option if it's not already enabled or clicked.

3.) Scroll down the menu list. Your looking for something that says "Use common tasks in folders" and you want to disable the check box next to that text in the list box menu.

4.) Click Apply /OK to make the new settings take effect on your computer.

Now go back to your window that contains the list of movies causing you the flickering earlier when clicking on them. You should notice that the flickering is gone because of the instructions you just recently followed. With the enhanced preview option disabled in preview pane, you should be good to go!

Walk Through Video Demonstration:

After you completed the simple instructions above, you can verify what should have happened after doing so by viewing this movie below that I found from another YouTube user. It's not too detailed, but he explains the general idea on how you should have performed the solution to this Video Card problem.

Known Video Cards Effected Directly:

Here is a list of Video Cards that I know for sure that are effected by this issue.

nVidia GeForce 7950GT

Only (1) so far. Once I can identify more cards effected by this issue, they will be added on the fly.


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