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How To: Install New Fonts on Windows Vista? Step by Step Guide On Vista Here!

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How to install new Fonts on the Microsoft Windows Vista Operating System? Easy..

You probably recently downloaded a bunch of new Fonts and want to know how you can get them to work on things like MS Word, Adobe Photoshop, or any other Desktop Application right? Maybe you knew how to install Fonts using Windows XP but as you know Vista has things all twisted around a little bit differently with something as simple as this. Perhaps you never installed Fonts in the past and want to know how to do it? Nothing to worry about as this is a painless and easy way that you can install any number of new Fonts while using Windows Vista on your computer by following this Step by Step Guide below.


1.) Download your Font's from your desired location and the unzip them into a folder on your computer's desktop or in a similar folder location that you'll remember.

2.) Now navigate to your [Start Menu] -> then [Control Panel] -> then to [Appearance and Personalization] -> and click on the [Fonts] icon. This will open the menu that will allow you to register your new fonts so your computer will begin to implement them with you're Computer and Windows Vista.

Here is a small Screen Shot of Windows Vista Font Manager

3.) Below where you see "List Font's", you will navigate to the folder where you downloaded and/or extracted your new fonts too. Once you have located this folder, you will see a button that says something like "Select All Fonts". Go ahead and click that button and all Font's should be highlighted in the list box now.

4.) Finally, Click the "Install" button if the fonts have not already begun to install. If you already have a font on your computer that is the same as one of your new font's, don't worry! Windows Vista will ask you if you want to overwrite or discard the duplicate font. It really doesn't matter which choice you decide because you'll get the same result. If you're not asked this, don't worry. It doesn't mean you're doing anything wrong!

That's pretty much all there is too it. If you have any questions or don't quite understand something in the Windows Vista Font Installation guide above, then I welcome you to create a free account on this website and post your question in our free discussion forums located here:

I hope this tutorial has helped anyone who was trying to install fonts. Thank you for reading!