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How To Guide :: Setup your own IRC Server using a personal, or dedicated system or server. Top Freeware Downloads Included! ::

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Setup a IRC Server on your Personal Computer or Dedicated Server!


Below you will find a list of IRC server software packages and applications that can be ran on Windows, Linux, or Java, depending on the package you choose to download and use. Our website is hosting the files to this date as organizations like some of the ones listed below, have been known to fall under, due to lack of donations or desire to keep going on with their project. Down the road in the future, the files will still be available to download directly from this website if that should ever happen (Hopefully Not!). You are also able to follow the links associated with the desired applications, and download the most current version of the software from the developers website directly. Their home page website addresses are included in the lists below along with the downloads. All of the Applications and Packages that are listed below, have a Freeware License, or Free for use at the time of writing this article.

Getting prepared to setup a IRC Server yourself:

Before you go downloading and crank through the installation and settings, we recommend you think about a few things before getting started. There are many things you will want to consider before downloading.

* If you plan on running an IRC Server for you and your friends, and up-time, nor speed and reliability are a concern, then you can probably get away with running this on a personal computer in your home.

* If you have plans on setting up a reliable, strong, fast IRC network for either your own organization, or for your business needs, you will definitely want to consider purchasing a Dedicated Server from a reliable Hosting Company, or subscribe to a high speed business class bandwidth provider or even a broadband connection at the very least. Common shared hosts will not allow you to run IRC Servers 90% of the time. This is because their prone to Dos/DDos attacks and a shared server is just not designed well to host a reliable IRC Server. I have read that some hosts are offering a SHELL for about $10-$20 USD that will allow an IRC server to be installed, along with a few of the popular bots that you might need to install or setup with it. I don't know much about this method, so I apologize for the lack of information or lack of recommendations for shell idea.

IRC Domain Address or IP Address?

After you have worked out Hardware and Connection details for setting up your own IRC Server, the last thing you might want to consider is DNS and how you want your users to connect to your IRC Server Network from their IRC Client. Do you want your users to connect to your network by just using the Computer or Servers Network IP Address? Or would you rather have them use a subdomain like IRC.MYDOMAIN-NAME.COM? If you just want to use the IP Address, then you won't have to do anything extra. If you think you may want to convert your IP Address into a sub domain then you will have to do a few things to get this to work correctly.

I have written a forum post that outlines how to make a Sub Domain into a IRC Server Address in a few easy steps. You can view this thread at any time by clicking on the following link:

IRC Chat Server Software/Applications:

This information is not listed in any particular order. You will notice a variety of them listed below that will work on UNIX/Linux, Win32, and even Java. I would advise checking each of them out thoroughly, and identifying which one best fits your needs.

The List:

1.) Join Me! IRC Server
Operating System: Windows 9x/NT
Freeware?: Yes!
Description: Good for the casual IRC Server Administrator that will only have a minimal amount of users connecting to the IRC Server at one time. This particular IRC Server is known to lack flooding control, so keep an eye on that. Should only be used for smaller servers for testing, fun, or even as a hobby.
Additional Information: Provides most of the IRC commands supported by specification of RFC 1459 and it's compatible with the mIRC client. Also supports a communication with external DLL plug-ins which act like BOTs on the IRC server.
Developers Homepage:

JoinMe! 1.41:

2.) Unreal IRC Server
Operating System: Win32
Freeware?: Yes!
Description: One of the most commonly used Windows IRC Servers these days. Strong programming that contains many features used in the IRC Server world.
Additional Information: Best all around IRC server with all the IRC's latest services like chanserv, nickserv, and much more!
Developers Homepage:

Unreal-3.2.7 Source:
Unreal-3.2.7 SSL No AQ:
Unreal-3.2.7 Win32:
Unreal-3.2.7 Win32 No AQ:
Unreal-3.2.7 Win32 SSL:

3.) Pjirc IRC Server
Operating System: Java
Freeware?: Yes!
Description:The Pjirc Applet its an IRC chat Based Server that runs on Java! How cool is that? It's highly customized to work with your own existing IRC Servers, Services, and your Administrator Controls.
Additional Information: PJIRC v2.1.1 Official Release. Package containing binaries only.
Developers Homepage:

Pjirc 2.1.1:

4.) IRCd 7.2.3 Linux & 7.2.2 Win32 IRC Server
Operating System: Win32 and Linux. Separate file for each OS listed below.
Freeware?: Yes!
Description: A High Performance IRC Server Application for Win32 or Linux.
Additional Information: Never tested or used before personally. Appears to be well coded and developed. Updates appear to be kept up by the developers according to their website document notations.
Developers Homepage:

IRCd 7.2.3 Linux:
IRCd 7.2.2 Windows:

5.) Bahamut 1.8.4 IRC Server
Operating System: Linux
Freeware?: Yes!
Description: Bahamut IRC Server will *NOT* run in a Windows environment. The Bahamut IRC Server Application is based on both DreamForge and Hybrid, the EFnet IRCd. With this new IRCd (Dameon), DALnet will now have the capability to hold more clients with less lag, generally making it a better place to be for everyone.
Additional Information: The Bahamut IRC Server is designed to run on the listed Operating Systems without any issues: FreeBSD and Linux. Bahamut IRC Server is known to run on the following Operating Systems but may need a little bit tweaking: Solaris, Tru64, AIX and OSX.
Developers Homepage:

Bahamut 1.8.4:

Feedback is very important to us:

If you know of any other IRC Servers that you think are worth listing, please fill out a comment and let us know. You can also let us know by submitting a forum post within our forums.

If you would like to leave any feedback if this guide has helped you or not, please let us know by submitting a comment below on this page, or creating a free account and posting in our forums. We would love to hear from people we have been able to help with these guides and tutorials!

Why would you want to run

Why would you want to run this on a windows server? :)

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