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How To: Free Ways To Saving Lots of Money On Computer Printer Ink! All Brands! Printer Refills, Conserve, More!!

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Free ways to save tons of cash on your Printer Ink! A must read article!

If you're like me, you are sicken by the fact that most replacement ink cartridges cost more than the actual Printer! Don't believe me? Take a trip to Best Buy or Circuit City and take a look at some of their "cheap" printers for sale. Then take a stroll down their Ink Cartridge isle and compare the prices and hole your jaw from hitting the floor. Well, in my days of Internet research, I have a few solutions that cost you little or nothing at all.

Ink Refills
You may have heard this term before. It can save you a ton of money because the price of a single refill kit is half the price of your replacement cartridge at the very least. Not only will this kit replace the ink that you've used, but it will refill your current cartridge more than once. Most kits will refill about 4-5 times before running out. That's at least $200 in saved money from continuous cartridge purchasing! There's a lot of rumors about Ink Refilling. Some are true and some are not so true. The first one that comes to mind is that if your cartridge is out of all of it's ink, you cannot refill it with a kit. Well, this is sort of true. If the cartridge is bone dry and has been for some time (1) week or more, then you wouldn't want to use a refill kit on it. Reason being is the inside becomes crusty and just clogs up pretty much. When you purchase a refill kit, it usually will come with easy to follow instructions. These usually recommend a refill when reaching about 50% to 40%. Another issue that comes to mind is all of the distributors out there on the Internet selling crappy ink or ink that is all watered down. The last thing you want is to refill your precious cartridge only to have it print with blotches and smudges the second to touch the paper right? Just use caution when making a purchase for printer ink refills. I listed the website I purchase my refills from for myself and for the customers printers I end up repairing.

Company: 123 Refills
Link: Website!
I have purchased from these guys and I have never been let down. Owning a in home computer repair business, I demand fast shipping, good phone support, order tracking, and a mistake free company to deliver my Printing needs for me and my clients. These guys have never let me down yet. I highly recommend giving them a try for your Ink Refilling needs!

Eco Font!
Now this is a really great idea that I can't believe no one else thought of earlier on! This is a font that can be downloaded free of charge. It replaces your normal fonts like "Ariel Black", and "Times New Roman" with a similar looking font. The difference is that the Eco Font has tiny little holes in the font that is hardly visible to the naked eye. This allows the printer to print that much less ink when printing anything that has text in it. They claim that it saves about 15% of ink on a document full of text. In my book, that's definitely worth it! It's very easy to install as well. I'll post the instructions below for you guys:

Eco Fonts Main Website:

The Eco Font Direct Download Link:

*Note* The direct download link works at the time of this article writing. If the download link no longer works, please enter through the main website to download the Eco Font!

Windows Vista Users Installation:

Windows XP Users Installation:

Mac OS Users Installation:

Linux Users Installation:

What does Eco Font look like?
Below is a enlarged view of what the Eco Font looks like. Keep in mind that when your using the standard font size "12", you can barely even notice the holes in the letters. The text that you're reading right now on this website is Font Size 12 in case you are not familiar. Again, This is just an enlarged view to give you an understanding of how it saves you ink when printing documents.

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