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GoToAssist Express - What is all the hype about? What can this new innovative utility provide for me or a company?

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What makes 'GoToAssist Express' from Citrix so special?


First off, we would like to explain that we have no affiliation with any company or program that we write reviews for. I believe that quality programs and technology should be readily available to all of the general public.

I ran into this program by performing my daily routines at work and catching up on information by reading the companies forums. Normally, when we see something cool or new that is computer or IT related, we'll make a short thread about it telling other employees. After learning that GoToAssist Express is in it's early stages of development. I decided to sign up as a Beta Tester since Citrix has made Beta testing open to the public with this new program of theirs. Their website address is Beta Testing sign up may still be available if your interested in participating in the program.

What does the GoToAssist Express utility do? This program allows partial or a full visual view of anyone's computer that has the software installed through the Internet. It's just like you have physical access to the keyboard and mouse on the computer you connect to using the GoToAssist Express utility. However, this is not the typical kind of software you might be thinking of where tons of files are extracted and keys entered into your registry. The installation takes about 1-2 minutes (literally) and installs much like a browser plug in does with minimal files and all done in less then minutes. I know I have used many programs similar to this, and things like Routers, Firewalls, and Anti Virus type software or devices have always stepped in the way. Whenever your trying to look at a client's computer for troubleshooting purposes over the internet, you know the type of clients that barely know what the Term Double click means? Well, there is no longer a need to have a two hour discussion over the phone trying to explain how they should forward a router port, or disable their PC security software. GoToAssist Express runs on a highly secure connection and port and can pass through these kind of barriers smoothly, where as other RCS (Remote Control Software) type software will fail without further configuration of what is mentioned above.

The 'viewer' side of the program that your client would use, is also very simple to use with many features and functions that may not be available in other kinds of RCS software that your probably used to like PcAnywhere and Radmin.

Installation is a cake walk! After you have installed the application from their website, there are a few methods they've implemented in order to quickly and successfully get your destined clients up and running with the client software with ease. My favorite is the "Copy URL to clipboard" feature. By clicking this button in your application, it copies a URL into your virtual memory where it can later be pasted (CTRL+V) into a mIRC chat, EMail, or a Instant Messenger chat session window. The user will click or paste the link into their web browser. Once they accept the initial installation prompt, no further actions should be necessary on their part. Your client will now be up and running with minimal effort, and the session should commencing in your viewing application. There are other methods GoToAssist Express provides to get your clients running. Another method I really like is the "Email Support Information" button. This will open a blank email and insert a template of instructions that your client will need to follow. Lastly, you can also have your client visit and enter the session ID that is provided to you when you create a new session.

Not only can you take full control of the mouse and keyboard, but you can also use the chat feature. This is nice when you need to help other clients with computer related issues allowing questions to be asked, while your navigating or troubleshooting through their computer system. You can also sign back into a "unattended computer" using GoToAssist Express if the owner of that system allows this type of access. This is good for monitoring a problem that may be intermittent and require visual monitoring of a system administrator. Another additional feature that the viewer side of the program can use, is gaining full detailed information of the computer or evening running a system diagnostics to check for any obvious problems in the system. Information that may be populated when using these features are:

- Ram Available:
- Ram Free:
- Hard Drive Total Space:
- Hard Drive Total Consumption:
- System Uptime:
- Processes Running:
- Zombie Processes:
- Additional Hardware Information, Video, Sound, USB, Drives
- Much other useful information for troubleshooting!

General Information
Developers: (Citrix)
Program Size: 0 Kb on the Administrator & Client side. Both pieces of software are installed and ran through Java through the GoToAssist Express website.
Download: Register & create a user account and download the utility here -
Program Purpose: Connect to a PC via Internet, while gaining full Remote Access & the ability to run diagnostics.
Compatible Platforms: Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, and Windows Vista.
*NOTE* GoToAssist Express will allow a PC User to connect to a Apple User.
GoToAssist Express Beta System Requirements:

Your System
• Required: Windows Server 2003, Windows® XP or Windows® Vista
• Required: Internet Explorer®, Netscape® Navigator 4.0 or later or Mozilla®
Firefox® 1.0 or later
• Required: Ability to make direct outgoing TCP connections or availability of an HTTP
proxy or a SOCKS server
• Recommended: Minimum of Pentium 300 with 64MB of RAM
• Recommended: Stable Internet connection with 56k or better
Your Customer’s System
• Required: Windows Server 2003, Windows® XP, Windows® Vista or Mac OS X 10.4
or later
• Required: Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator 4.0 or later, Mozilla Firefox 1.0 or
later or Safari™ 1.3 or later
• Required: 28.8Kbps or greater connection, 56K recommended
• Required: Ability to make direct outgoing TCP connections or availability of an HTTP
proxy or a SOCKS server

*NOTE* You may also view or download the (Users Guide) for GoToAssist Express Beta at this URL: You will need adobe acrobat reader or similar in order to read this file.

Why become a beta tester? What are the benefits to becoming one?

I would first like to recommend that anyone who signs up to be a beta tester, that they would actually use the product or service that the company offering. Signing up for beta testing for something that you will never use will only hurt the developers of the company while providing inaccurate false information. By participating, there will be some obvious benefits. The first being that you get to use the service or product for free. In my opinion the other major one is getting exactly what you want out of a product or service that you plan to use or purchase in the near future.

They want to know your opinion and what you liked or disliked about what they've done up to this point in development. By participating, this is your chance to have a scenario where you almost have a team of programmers and developers at your disposal free of charge. In most cases, they will hear what you have to say and may implement your opinions or ideas into their product. You may even be rewarded for this vital information! I remember not to long ago, I received a email from Citrix/GoToAssist Express that I would receive a 30% discount on their licensing when it goes live, for the feedback I have given them during my beta testing. I'm sure I will end up using this product no matter where I am employed, I even see may personal things I could use this on, so this is great news to me! I would highly advise if anyone sign's up for any kind of Beta Testing, that they take into consideration all of the benefits that comes along with doing the right thing. Many times, companies have a department dedicated to picking out the users who just sign up for free. In the long run, these kind of people won't be rewarded if any kind of benefits are offered, and they shouldn't.

Overall, this is a really awesome product. I'm very excited for the release date of the launching version. If I had any extra money, I would have invested it all into this program months ago when I found out about it. It will definitely be the next new "Computer Awwwe" in many years to come!

We need your feedback!

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