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Get your website listed, and ranked high in popular Search Engines for free! Learn the SEO basics from this FREE eBook!

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Gain traffic from Search Engines from simply reading a free eBook. Amazing Article!

Gaining a understanding for SEO:

I came across a eBook recently that involved some information about SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The book outlines what the major Search Engines are looking for, and puts some of the myths and stories that you might have heard of to rest. I am really not a big fan of eBook's at all. In fact, this might be the only eBook I have read in at least 3 years. If you run a website of any kind, you have probably had to learn the hard way that you don't get this instant magic surge of traffic like some people make them out to be.

A website is nothing unless people are looking at it. You have to think of it the same way as a new phone number. For example, say you just started a business and you purchased a new (1 800) phone number to do business with your new customers or clients. You should know there is no way that anyone will be calling you on that phone number unless it was through advertising or by some other means. As you probably know, advertising services are not free. The good thing about the internet is that advertising is free but there's always a catch. You must put in your work to do it, or pay someone to do this work for you.

The big search engines are not going to just list your website in the keywords that you might want them to. You will have to tweak your pages, coding, and plan ahead before designing your website to get the results that you want. This free eBook explains in great detail what you should know about before going into this. It will provide you with a complete understanding what Google, Yahoo, and other search engines are looking for when they send robots out to scan and index your website. This information is also good for people who might already have a website built, but want to implement better Search Engine listing results. Below you will find a summary of what the eBook provides to the reader and information on the author of the book.

Breakdown and summary of SEO:

Title: The SEO Smart Pill

Author: Mark Ilgen, Ph.D.

Release Date: July 11, 2008

Chapter 1: Introduction
The introduction of the book explains that the book will offer details on how to get your website listed and ranked within the big Search Engines on the Internet. Also discusses the importance of "on page HTML modifications" and information on the Link Building process for your website. After reading the entire contents of this book, you should have a better understanding of SEO then the other (99%) of webmasters out there.

Chapter 2: What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?
The book stresses how important it is to have your website indexed in Search Engines properly. Giving the reader a good idea what happens behind the scenes when a Internet Surfer begins to use a search engine. Presenting the ideas and facts of Search Engines using a set of programmed calculations to make decisions on what results will be made available to that surfer.

Chapter 3: The Importance of Good Unique Content
In my own opinion this is absolutely the most important thing to keep in mind when building your website. I have the proof and facts to back this up myself. The chapter goes on to explain why this is so important, and explaining the results of almost guaranteed failure by not complying with this simple rule. The chapter is also a reminder that you get back exactly what you put into your website. Websites that are not using unique and relevant content, will have their pages removed from the Search Engine index after a few weeks. This couldn't be more true from my own experience.

Chapter 4: On Page SEO, Followed by Step 1.
Reading this section will show you some things you can do to turn around your existing web pages to be more favorable by the Search Engines. The topic of this chapter seems to outline keywords and phrases that the search engines crave, and how you can deliver the engines needs with your websites. Great detail is given on common mistakes you could easily make when focusing on this aspect of your websites. There are some suggestions and references to tools you can use in the chapter.

There is a Step 2 to this chapter that tells you how you should setup your HTML coding on your website. Just as much as the search engine robots don't care too much for misspelling and really bad grammar, they're also quite offended by the use of HTML that is not properly formatted or improperly syntaxed. This section goes over some of the SEO basics, such as using incorrect or spammy META tags, while providing examples on how to setup your pages correctly with SEO on the mind.

There are other steps given on the following subjects that provide great examples and information you should also be considering.

  • Engine Spidering - How to not allow Search Engine robots to visit content that shouldn't be spidered or indexed in a Search Engine. This is very important to understand for the security of your website, and other kinds of reasons explained in the book.
  • Move JavaScript Elements to an External File - This explains why Search Engines do not like JavaScript on your website, and what you can do to make the robots more happier when JavaScript is necessary on your web pages like the Google Adsense Program.
  • Put Your Body Content First - Gives you an explanation why this is so important to think about when adding content to your pages. Examples are provided on how you should be adding content and the correct HTML syntax.
  • Validate Your HTML - Explains that the Search Engine robots do not like incorrect HTML syntax on your web pages. If your not sure or familiar with HTML, resources are provided in this section to you get your web page on the right track to using correct syntax on your sites.
  • Continuing with Steps 3, 4 and 5. - These steps go over a lot of important information that you should be considering. Anywhere from dealing with your unique content and keywords to making your keywords stick out in the Search Engines. While preventing bad habits or techniques that are commonly used by novice webmasters.

Chapter 5: Off-Page Optimization = Backlinks
Basically, this explains what back links are, and how you can use them to improve your websites Search Engine Ranking. Other webmasters are not just going to start linking to your pages because you want them to. Advice is given on how you can obtain back links and develop a system that might work for you. There are other old and new methods that webmasters can use in their back link systems. This section will go over each one individually, explaining the pros can cons to these, while allowing you to make your own decision for your self.

Chapter 6: Summary and Conclusions
A brief conclusion of the book and some resources you might want to consider after reading the information in the book.

Download the Free eBook -The SEO Smart Pill:

You can also download the guide from the authors website. His website offers other SEO and Internet Market related guides, tutorials, and other things.
Author URL:


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