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An easy to navigate list of Dictionaries and Thesaurus! Find and use the best and top rated Dictionary and Thesaurus on the net

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Need to find a free and easy to use Dictionary or Thesaurus? Look no further!

In my days of Internet use, I cannot count the amount of times that I had to call upon a free online Thesaurus or Dictionary. Now were in the day of huge internet marketing, Pop Up's, Spyware Injections, Browser Toolbars, and all kinds of scary stuff. There's nothing more that I hate then going to what I think is a free resourceful site, only to be tricked into signing up to something with my email address, or being prompted to download some kind of malicious software on my computer in order to continue any further.

I'm here to put a end of this garbage and I have collected a list of some free online Dictionaries and Thesauruses that everyone can use and not have to worry about a thing! These websites are rated by me personally. The top of the list being more favorable, and the sites at the bottom being less favorable for my own reasons. I will remind you that any link that you see posted on the free lists below, will not be harmful in anyway and always be free to use!

Free Online Dictionaries List:

Website Address:
Comment: A free clean looking Dictionary website with very little to no advertisement. Everything has always been functional since I have been using it for at least 6 years now. This is probably one of my favorites when trying to look up the meanings on words I don't know.

Website Address:
Comment: This is a well put together online Dictionary with just a little bit of advertisements on the front page. When I search for a definition, I don't see any additional ads anywhere on the site. While I don't use this site personally, it looks real nice and clean in my book!

Website Address:
Comment: This site has a very reputable name behind them as a well known publisher for paperback Dictionaries. However, The site contains a pop up and some other advertisements on the right side when surfing or browsing for words. A little to messy for my bookmarking tastes when it comes to an free online Dictionary.

Website Address:
Comment: While this Free Online Dictionary is nice and clean from ads, they do their best to up sell their own downloadable version of their Dictionary in software form as a Trial. The trial can then later be purchased into a full version which unlocks other premium features. If you can get past these ads on the main page, it's a nice clean looking Dictionary probably worth bookmarking online!

Free Online Thesauruses List:

Website Address:
Comment: This is one of the easiest, cleanest, and best Free Online Thesauruses that I have come across. One text box when you visit the Webpage, you enter your term, and nothing but results come up. Very well put together site in my opinion!

Website Address:
Comment: This is a great simplified Free Online Thesaurus, but it's just a little bit confusing when you visit there where you enter your term. I also don't care too much for all the image advertisement present on the main page. Still works great if your looking for more defined, yet more accurate results than some of the other free one's listed online.

I'm sorry that there are not anymore listed in the Thesauruses list, but I believe in a quality list, not in quantity. If I discover any new one's that deserve to make it on this list, I will definitely post them. If you know of a resource that should be added, please take 2 seconds and register a free account. Doing so, will allow you to post comments, suggestions, and any kind of question in our discussion forums located here:

Thanks for reading!