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Drivers - Camera: Canon PowerShot A400/A310/A95/A75/Pro1/S1 IS Camera WIA 6.2.5 USB/Camera

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Driver Information:

Manufacturer: Cannon
Suggested Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP/ME/2000/98
Type/Model Number: Camera/USB - Canon PowerShot A400/A310/A95/A75/Pro1/S1 IS Camera WIA 6.2.5
Size: 5.51MB
Driver Release Date: 2/23/2006


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Download Link:

Additional Research and Information:

There is a known issue that produces the following error for the S60 PowerShot series:

There is already a newer version of Canon Digital Camera USB WIA Driver installed. Canceling installation of Canon Camera USB Driver.

Solution: Uninstall the previous driver on the computer.


To uninstall the driver, click the [Start] -> [All Programs] -> [Canon Utilities] -> [Digital Camera USB (USB WIA) Driver] -> then click on [USB (USB WIA) Driver Uninstall]. Then the uninstall procedure should begin to commence. When the uninstall has been finished and completed, restart your computer and install the old wia-driver which is the latest for the S60. Download the driver from the link listed above and attempt to download images off of your Camera.

Questions and concerns can be addressed in the comments section listed below.