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Does your Windows Clock keeping messing up? Learn to fix your system tray clock and never touch it again!

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Tired of your clock in Windows Vista or Windows XP always getting messed up by a few hours?

Yes, This is a problem that has all hit us at one time or another. You keep setting your Windows clock to the correct time, then a day or two later, it all gets screwed up again. This seems to happen no matter how many times you fix it, right? Well the issue is quite simple and you may feel a little stupid once you learn why it keeps doing this actually. It's ok, it even took me awhile when I first started using Windows XP to figure it out :)

It all has to do with timezones. Well, we all know that Microsoft is located in the state of Washington. Well, maybe not but that's where their headquarters are located. That means they live in a (PST) Pacific Time Zone. Because Windows was developed there by it's programmers, that is what the default time zone is set too when you first install Windows XP, or Windows Vista. Windows will regularly run a check to make sure your time in Windows is correct. When it's not, it auto fixes for you. This can be a problem if you didn't select the correct time zone upon installation. Perhaps you bought your computer from the store and they didn't? Who knows right? In my case, I live in Michigan, US which has a -5 GMT Timezone (EST). Therefore, My clock was always 3 hours behind.

Fix the Windows clock for good!
First double click on your clock in the lower right hand corner of Windows like you normally would to adjust the time. Next, look at the top of this window for a tab called "Time Zone". Next, simply click on the Drop Down Menu at the top and choose your correct time zone. Apply the settings and your all set. You might still have to manually adjust the clock to the correct time, but I can assure you that this will be the last time you'll have to do that.

If your still having trouble, take a couple of seconds and register a free account on our website. You can then visit our forums located here: and post a question, or make comment on any of our articles. Thanks for reading and hopefully this helps some of you out there!

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