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Breaking News - :: SmartFTP now charges it's users to use SmartFTP as a FTP Client! ::

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SmartFTP Recently Charging for their Popular FTP Client!


SmartSoft Ltd. has recently made the decision to no longer offer their down scaled version of SmartFTP free of charge any longer. Below are the prices which seem to be rather high for what is free on the market already:



+ SmartFTP Home Edition +
- FTP and FTPS
- Fast and Reliable Transfers
- Easy to use
- Standard Security
- Starting at 36.95 USD

+ Smart FTP Professional Edition +
- SFTP over SSH
- Advanced Transfers
- Email Notifications
- Scripting
- Starting at 49.95 USD

Software Requirements:
Windows 2000 / Windows XP / Windows 2003 / Windows Vista

From reading various forums and message boards, people seem to think this is a very bold move on their part. As someone stated a few hours ago in a thread I was reading "this is a slap in the face to people who don't know any better, and disrespectful to the ones who do". Some are complaining that the price is way out of line for a product of this caliber.

I always used and recommend CoreFTP Lite to my friends. I have never needed a feature for a FTP function that CoreFTP Lite hasn't been able to provide me. I do a lot of web development, design, and script installation and it seems to work flawlessly. If anyone is interested in downloading this free ware product, you may download the 'Lite' version, which is what I use, at this link here:

If your someone who uses SmartFTP and would like to share why you think the move by SmartSoft Ltd. was a good or bad move, please let us know. We don't know everything, so we rely on feedback information from the users who read our articles. Submitting a comment is easy and requires no registration. Simply click the [Add Comment] link below, and type away. If you would like to submit a computer related question or article, I would like to invite you to register a free account on our website and submit a forum thread in our forums.