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419 Nigerian Advance-Fee Fraud, Cashier's Check Fruad, Check Washing & Similar Internet Scams! Submit Victim Stories Here!

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Popular Scams circulating the Internet and Postal Mail of Honest People!


Before I get started, I would like to explain something important to the viewers of this article. The article is geared towards getting stories and responses from people who have become victims of these kinds of scams. Below I'll provide a few examples, but what we're really looking for are your stories as victims. These stories will be used for other readers on the internet to serve the purpose of a warning. We believe responses from victims are the main cause that will prevent a future victim from becoming involved with one of these kinds of scams. Some of these future victims have become involved and so invested into the scam, it takes a lot of details and proof to show them the path their heading down in life and the family that has to suffer with them. If you are one of these victims, we would love to hear from you!

Post your story or view other victims of these scams directly by clicking this link:

Otherwise, you can scroll down to the bottom of this article for further instructions on how you can share your story with us!

General Scams:

Many of us have see these types of scam letters in our email box before. They can range anywhere from us winning millions of dollars, to getting ripped off by cashing a cashiers check to send someone something you were selling on Craig's List. There is a difference between the two. The cashier fraud scam is not really considered a actual 419 scam but their quite similar in a lot of ways.

1.) They will both require you to send money in some shape or form to the recipient before or after the transaction via a method that doesn't protect or insure you from ever getting your money back if something goes wrong. Examples of this are sending money to someone using one of these methods that are preferred from scammers: Western Union, Bank Wires, MoneyGram, Money Orders, and other similar methods.

2.) Both scams end up ripping you off of a minimum of hundreds of dollars, if not, thousands! They will both require you to put a great amount of trust into sending someone money that you barely know.

3.) These scams will play on your emotions in a great way. Whether is be Greed, Guilt, Satisfaction, Religion, and the scammers will play accordingly to your egotistic reactions.

The recipient might have purchased something from you with more money than what the item is worth. They might then call you and say something along the lines of:

"My daughter was just hit by a car. Since I own my own business, I need cash to pay the surgery costs right away, we don't have health insurance! Is there any way you can wire me the remaining cash from the transaction now in this emergency situation? "God will take notice to your kind heart!"

The above example makes the person feel guilty, satisfied they are being of service (or helpful), and rush you in a way where you cannot make any rash decisions.

419 Internet Scams:

The code 419 refers to the article of the Nigerian Criminal Code (Part of Chapter 38: "Obtaining Property by false pretenses; Cheating"). Therefore, the scam has been given this nick name '419'. These scams commonly originate in the country of Nigeria, or surrounding African satellite countries. However, these scammers have been known to use every country around the world in their scamming efforts.

419 scams will usually start off with a email, postal letter or even a telephone call. In these messages or letters, there will be someone who claims they need your assistance obtaining millions of dollars from their country. They will express that they need your help transferring these funds into your bank account. Most will use the excuse that some Government Official has chosen you for some odd reason to be their next of kin to his dieing will. They will explain somehow that you have been promoted to have all of his money, or you will be given a cut or percentage for your assistance in the matter.

Some of these scammers have been know to call local funeral homes or parlors to find out who has recently died in the area. Then they will do a bit of research to try to contact some long lost relatives, and pitch their scam. This one gets people the most I think. This is because the scammer knows more information then the person being scammed about their relatives, and this information can easily be confirmed by making calls down the family tree. After the person getting scammed goes this far, it's easy to take this confirmed information and think the story may actually be true.

You can think of these scammers kind of like those crazy psychics you see at the carnival or on TV (Miss Cleo). They are experts in reading you like a book and probing you for information, just to be flipped back on you in minutes time. Anyways, there is enough information about these types of scams and I don't really think there are many who don't know about them. I'll continue to explain the other scams below.

Cashier's Check Cashing Scams:

This kind of scam entails where someone contacts you to purchase something you might be selling. This would include the Newspaper, Trading Times, Ebay, Craig's List, or maybe an add you posted at the Grocery Market. They make contact and give you a offer you can't refuse. They usually offer full price, or above your asking cost to lure you in.

Now the scam comes into play. The scammer makes up some story where he says he operates and owns a business and a large client of his owes him a lot of money in your country. This client just happens to live in the same country you do. So he comes up with this brilliant idea where he says he will have his client send you a check in your name, then you can send him the difference along with the item he purchased after the check clears the bank.

You might be thinking to yourself, well I'll just wait for the check to clear, then I can't get ripped off, no big deal. This is where you are dead wrong! Cashiers checks usually have a 48 hour wait period before they clear. Everyone knows this and cashier's checks are considered to be almost as good as cash. So you make the deposit at your bank and wait a few days. You call up the bank teller and she says it's been cleared and money is in your account. You proceed to send him the remaining money and the item he purchased. It can go a different way too. Sometimes the scammers will say something has come up and I'll die if you don't wire me the remaining cash right away.

Anyways, the scammer gets his money one way or another. A few days later the check gets rejected for fraud purposes by the federal bank. Guess who has to eat this? You do! There is nothing to protect you against this kind of fraud. There are many many details I am leaving out, but I'm not here to explain scams that can be found on 1000's of other blog pages online.

Check Washing:

This kind of scam can entail many details and the plot of the scam can go in all kinds of directions. The main focus of this scam is to get you to cash a check that has been forged with your name, and some how get you to send money from that check to the scammer. It's pretty straight forward but I think this is the most popular now a days here in the United States.

Scam Examples:

Below is just an example of one of these scams. Specifically, and 419 scam. You can click the thumbnail below if you wish to enlarge it.

Victim's, please share your stories so you can help others who may fall victim to these types of scams!

Before going any further, we ask that you please do the following before posting any stories as a scam victim.

A. Please include what kind of scam it was, or a brief summery of what the scam entailed.
B. Please include the date of your posting anywhere in the story.
C. Please add if you were able to recover from being scammed. Whether this be financially, or life in general.

To continue tell us your story as a victim, you have two methods of posting this information to us. Both methods are listed below. Please only choose one so no duplicate inquires are created.

1.) You can submit your story in the comments of this article here. To do this, simply click on the [Add Comment] link at the bottom of the page. This action does not require you to register an account with the community. However, I am moving all stories to a forum thread. Your story may be deleted from this page and moved to the forum thread to be archived. If you wish to post to the forum thread directly, please review instruction method number (2.) instead.

2.) You can submit your story by posting to the forum thread directly. To do this, you will first want to register a free account on our website. You can do this by clicking on this link here: There is very minimal information you will have to fill out and you can decline to provide any kind of personal information.

Once you have logged into the community website by using the navigation menus on the left, you can go directly to the archived scammed victim stories forum thread directly, by visiting this thread/link below here:

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Other comments may be posted as well. We love to hear other feedback or learn how we can improve our articles to look even better, and be more accurate!