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Question: What is Outlook/WM E-mail client error (0x800C0133) mean? How can I fix outlook to work properly again?

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Are you getting an error in Microsoft Outlook Expressing that says this?:

"An unknown error has occurred. Account: 'name', Server: '', Protocol: POP3, Port: 110, Secure(SSL): No, Error Number: 0x800C0133"

The Problem:
You might think it's your ISP's fault or your web host but it's not. This is your fault! Seriously, this error can mean a few things but what the error is complaining about in general is, you have too much email! I have seen this error not to long ago while I was at work answering the ticket system for a pretty popular web host. At first I thought it was the users connection settings because this seems to be the case 99% of the time when a client complains they cannot receive or send email using their email client of choice.

After some talking back and forth, I asked the client if I could look at her computer through a remote session. After I logged in, I played with all the settings and had trouble myself. While I was doing this, I noticed something. She had a ALOT of email, and I mean TONS! Ignoring the obvious when I was troubleshooting this at first. I finally decided to investigate the exact error code provided in the error which was [0x800C013x]. After looking it up on Microsoft's website, it appears this error is populated when the email limit has hit inside Outlook.


Before making any changes in your Email Client we strongly urge you to back up all email in Outlook, to prevent any kind of email or data loss. We cannot be held responsible for any kinds of losses that may incur. Following compacting messages, or following these steps.

The Solution:
From my research it looks like there are a couple of ways of getting things working back to a normal state. First, let's look at all of the reasons why this may have happened in the first place. These are:

1.) Too many emails in a specific folder. Most likely this is your biggest folder inside Outlook it's self. This is estimated to be around 2500 or so emails, depending on file attachment sizes.
Solution A: Delete some of your emails
Solution B: Create a new folder and move some of your emails from your largest folder to the new folder you have created.

You might be thinking, I don't have time to transfer each email 1 by 1 to another folder. Well, you don't have too. If you don't know how to transfer multiple files to another folder inside your version of Outlook, then feel free to follow these simple directions:

1. Create the new folder inside Outlook if you haven't already. You can name this folder whatever you want. In this example we will assume you want to move the top 50 emails from one folder, and move them to your new one.

2. Single left click the first email in the folder that your trying to size down.
3. Now hold down your shift key on your keyboard.
4. Scroll down to the very last email you want to move and single left click it. In this case it would be the 50th email down. Don't let go of the shift key yet!
5. Now that you have all the emails highlighted that you want to move, you will now want to hold down the single left click button on any of the highlighted emails and 'drag' them over to your new folder.
6. Release single left click. Release the shift button.
7. You should have successfully moved over the selected 50 emails in this example.

These instructions can be applied to hundreds or thousands. I only used the number 50 in this example.

Solution C: Compact all of your emails. To do this, click on your [Tools] tab at the top of Outlook, and then click on [Options]. Now once the menu loads click on [Maintenance] and finally, click on [Compact Messages].

2.) Your Inbox is corrupted probably because you have too many emails, or a email that formatted improperly.

Your Outlook error 0x800C013x should now be resolved. If you get a new error, type the code into the search feature on our website and see if you get any results. If not, post what error your getting below in the comments, or submit a thread in the forms for further help.

Here are some links where you can learn how to Backup and Restore your emails:

Backup and Restore:

More Help

If your still having trouble, we have a live community that would be glad to help you. You can post more information by using the comments section below as a Guest. However, we recommend registering a free account with our site and posting your inquiry in the Forums/BBS board which is located here:

If anyone has additional information or suggestions, please let us know so we can confirm and add these to the blog.

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Soln for Error Number: 0x800C0133

Moving messages from my Inbox folder as suggested worked for me. It was a non-obvious solution to the problem. Thanks!

edit old inbox.dbx file

Ok, so a friend of mine (really) is quite brilliant when it comes to Non-Tech things (like child Psych / and abnormal adult Psych... I mean she still talks to me after all of these years) but she has NEVER deleted any email sent to her in the last 2+ years !

She gets the 0x800C0133 error and can't get her emails... so she calls me !

I copied all of the .dbx files to another directory, deleted the inbox.dbx file from the regular Outlook directory, and then opened Outlook.
Ok, so now she can receive her "new" emails :=)

I'd like to split the OLD inbox.dbx file into 2 or 3 smaller files (names like inbox2006, inbox2007 etc. )
so the size problem does not return.

Is there a way to EDIT the OLD inbox.dbx file so I can do this split... either inside Outlook or another FREE product that can read the OLD inbox.dbx file.


Error Ox800C0133 in Outlook Express - can't fix it

Hello - I've tried this fix you wrote above, because I assume that my problem is the "overload" of emails that corrupted the program. I have over 4,000 emails in my "Sent" box, but I'm unable to delete or move emails in order to shrink the amount of emails in the "Sent" box though. When I try to move emails to another box it says "The selected emails could not be moved. An error occured."

Also, I tried to "compact" all my emails following your instructions above, but it didn't seem to have any effect either.

Is there anything else you can suggest to eliminate the number of emails in my Sent box to hopefully get my OE up and working again???
Thanks so much!

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Try this


If your 'Sent' folder is the problematic folder, then I would suggest there may be a email in that folder that contain corruption or not formatted properly. I would try the following in this order.

1.) Go into your 'Sent' folder and start looking at each email. Keep going down the list until you get to one of the emails that crashes your Outlook Mail Client. Then you can simply remove that email and continue on with the instructions listed in the tutorial. There could be more than one email like this, so keep going as needed.

2.) If you cannot locate a bad email in this folder to remove, I would advise backing up that folders email, starting off fresh and importing email that is important in that folder. If you really need that many emails saved in your 'Sent' folder, you should using a mail client that is more robust for these types of things. Nevertheless, there are instructions on Microsoft's website on how you can back up your email here:

If none of these options work, let me know.


Outlook Express error message

You guys are terrific. I had the same problem as Shawn of not being able to download messages into Outlook Express from the server. I followed your advice and compacted my email; first, the inbox, which did not help. Then I realized my sent folder was choking with email. There were no 'bad' messages in this foldeer, just too many. I compacted the email in this folder, and VOILA! Outlook Express was up and running full throttle.
Unfortunately, I had earlier mistakenly clicked on "Filter" in my Horde webmail. Next thing I knew, I got a message saying that my email was deleted. I wanted the SPAM out, but not all my good email.
Is there any way that I can retrieve email that was filtered out? Are these messages, by chance, in some hidden folder? There were about 180 messages, only a few that probably really mattered.
If anyone knows how I can retrieve and view these deleted messages, please let me know.
I have not closed the link to the webmail server page, for fear that it would really seal the deleted file and I might never be able to see my email again.
Any ideas? Can I recover those files?


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Restoring emails on Horde / Webmail


I'm not sure as the Web-Host I work for doesn't have a [Filter] option in Horde Web Mail. However, if your host is similar to ours and using cPanel, then all of your email is stored in the /home/username/mail folder. You can see this mail folder as soon as your FTP or Login via File Manager into your hosting account. All of your emails are stored into this folder. This is where Horde and Squirrel Mail grab their email information from. If you can restore this folder to a date prior to when you made the change, then your back to square one and you have all if your emails. If you don't have a account back up, quickly ask your host if they are able to do a restoration on this folder to a date prior when you made the change.

This should definitely help you out with your email issue.


most helpful!!! thanks a lot!

most helpful!!! thanks a lot! ;-)