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How To: Connect Magic Jack To All Of Your Old Existing Phone Jacks! You Must Read This If You've Got Magic Jack!

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Learn How To Setup Magic Jack On All Of Your Existing Telephone Jacks & Outlets!


If you haven't already purchased the Magic Jack service or requested for the Hardware Dongle Phone piece yet, you should definitely know what you're getting into before committing to ordering this product. You can read about this information at this URL:

There are some warning and things you should consider before investing and time or money with their company. There are some big pros and cons to their service and the 30 day trail they offer. It is highly recommended you read the information in the link above before making and considerations at all.


That's right, people might have told you that this couldn't be done for multiple reasons, but I'm telling you now that you can! I have personally tested this for myself, and it does work. It will not cost you any money besides the tools you will need to purchase if any at all. These tools can probably be borrowed from a friend, or returned to the store after your done performing the work. The total cost of the tools would be:

1.) Bag of virgin(not yet used)/new phone fittings.
2.) Some telephone wire, you can probably use old existing telephone wires from your electrical storage and junk box.
3.) Telephone fitting Crimper. A cheap one runs about $10-$20 at a place like the Home Depot or Lowes.

It's entirely possible that you won't need to use any tools or do any major additional configurations to your phone system to get this to work. All of this depends on the setup of your older phone system, and where the Magic Jack is located in your house. After reading the remainder of this article, you should have an idea what things your going to need, and how your going go about tackling this idea. Every house and situation is different. While you don't need any kind of Telephone or Technical knowledge to do this, you do need a little bit of common sense. I believe that your average car mechanic, teacher, or flight attendant should be able to complete this task with out any problems.

You might have heard about Comcast's CDV (Comcast Digital Voice) service. CDV runs mostly the same way that your Magic Jack service does, but the Technician will tie the modems dial tone into your entire existing phone system or wiring. This service is often mistaken for a normal land line service when it's actually not. CDV and Magic Jack run much of the say way. They both provide a device where you can plug a telephone directly into the Modem or Magic Jack Dongle and allow you to start making phone calls. For those people who are currently using a service similar to CDV already, go ahead and look at the back of the modem. Unplug the phone cord that is currently plugged into it. Now go ahead and plug a phone directly into the same port or jack into the back of that Modem. You will notice that you now have a dial tone on that phone!

Making it happen:
You may have noticed that you can actually hook up a 2 way splitter to your Magic Jack dongle and use two telephones. This means that you can hook it up to your existing phone system/wiring in most cases. All you have to do is simply run a telephone cord and insert it into the dongle. You then take the other side of the phone line and plug it into your closest existing telephone jack into the wall. Now it should be feeding dial tone to all phone jacks in your home.

You will most likely have some interference from your old land line provider on these lines. It's essential that you remove this interference from your lines to prevent Magic Jack and the old land line service from clashing. Just because you don't have a dial tone on any of your lines before doing this, doesn't mean the electricity isn't running through your lines from the old land line service. Often times, they will just kill the dial tone and leave the connection going.

I have outlined many steps on doing this on another blog that you can follow. This can also be done if you have an alarm system that uses the phone to dial out. For further details on the "VoIP Back Feeding" process, please read this tutorial:

This tutorial above was mainly written for subscribers using the CDV service. However, as I already explained, these two services are nearly identical in the way they can be feed to use with your other phone jacks. You shouldn't have any problem getting this done with the combination of this page, and the tutorial I listed for you.

If you have any questions or your stuck on something, go ahead and submit a comment and ask. You can also register a free account and submit your information in the forums. Both comments and Forum posts are regularly checked on a daily basis.

If you would like to see some information added, corrected, or anything else, please feel free to let us know. Feedback is important to let us know how we're doing in these kinds of tutorials. Thank you.