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Get your website listed, and ranked high in popular Search Engines for free! Learn the SEO basics from this FREE eBook!

Gain traffic from Search Engines from simply reading a free eBook. Amazing Article!

Gaining a understanding for SEO:

I came across a eBook recently that involved some information about SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The book outlines what the major Search Engines are looking for, and puts some of the myths and stories that you might have heard of to rest. I am really not a big fan of eBook's at all. In fact, this might be the only eBook I have read in at least 3 years. If you run a website of any kind, you have probably had to learn the hard way that you don't get this instant magic surge of traffic like some people make them out to be.

A website is nothing unless people are looking at it. You have to think of it the same way as a new phone number. For example, say you just started a business and you purchased a new (1 800) phone number to do business with your new customers or clients. You should know there is no way that anyone will be calling you on that phone number unless it was through advertising or by some other means. As you probably know, advertising services are not free. The good thing about the internet is that advertising is free but there's always a catch. You must put in your work to do it, or pay someone to do this work for you.

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How To: Learn how to fix and resolve the popular nVidia Video Flicker Bug in Windows Vista.

Fix Blinking, Flickering on Windows Vista! Famous nVidia Driver Bug!

Video or Monitor Flickering in Windows Vista:

You are probably reading this because you installed or upgraded to Microsoft Windows Vista and you going out of your mind with the stupid flickering. This seems to commonly happen the most when you have a window open with video files such as, MPG, MPG2, AVI, VOB, and other type of files. Mostly this happens just by single clicking on the file trying to preview the movie in the windows preview pane. It has also been reported that this can happen just as easily when you try to launch a video or movie file in Windows Media Player, or with any other Video Player that you might have installed on your computer.

Now from what I understand there is a slew of variations of this problem. I will go over how to fix the most common ones, but if it doesn't help you, you will have to contact me, or leave a forum posts requesting more help. Please include all error information and walk us through step by step what your seeing and doing on your computer when the flickering occurs in Windows Vista. This issue has also been known to happen on a 2 or 3 monitor setup on the computer. The issue is not related to the splitting, so if your using multiple monitors and thinking that might be the problem, your wrong.

The Solution:

The solution for this variation of the flickering in Vista, is pretty simple to complete. Below are just a few steps you'll have to follow to get rid of this annoying flicker problem that your having. The goal is to disable the preview pane option to fix this.

1.) Right click on [My Computer] from your Desktop.

2.) Go to [Advanced / Performance] tab. Now, click the custom option if it's not already enabled or clicked.

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Breaking News - :: SmartFTP now charges it's users to use SmartFTP as a FTP Client! ::

SmartFTP Recently Charging for their Popular FTP Client!


SmartSoft Ltd. has recently made the decision to no longer offer their down scaled version of SmartFTP free of charge any longer. Below are the prices which seem to be rather high for what is free on the market already:



+ SmartFTP Home Edition +
- FTP and FTPS
- Fast and Reliable Transfers
- Easy to use
- Standard Security
- Starting at 36.95 USD

+ Smart FTP Professional Edition +
- SFTP over SSH
- Advanced Transfers
- Email Notifications
- Scripting
- Starting at 49.95 USD

Software Requirements:
Windows 2000 / Windows XP / Windows 2003 / Windows Vista

From reading various forums and message boards, people seem to think this is a very bold move on their part. As someone stated a few hours ago in a thread I was reading "this is a slap in the face to people who don't know any better, and disrespectful to the ones who do". Some are complaining that the price is way out of line for a product of this caliber.

I always used and recommend CoreFTP Lite to my friends. I have never needed a feature for a FTP function that CoreFTP Lite hasn't been able to provide me. I do a lot of web development, design, and script installation and it seems to work flawlessly. If anyone is interested in downloading this free ware product, you may download the 'Lite' version, which is what I use, at this link here:

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How To: Connect Magic Jack To All Of Your Old Existing Phone Jacks! You Must Read This If You've Got Magic Jack!

Learn How To Setup Magic Jack On All Of Your Existing Telephone Jacks & Outlets!


If you haven't already purchased the Magic Jack service or requested for the Hardware Dongle Phone piece yet, you should definitely know what you're getting into before committing to ordering this product. You can read about this information at this URL:

There are some warning and things you should consider before investing and time or money with their company. There are some big pros and cons to their service and the 30 day trail they offer. It is highly recommended you read the information in the link above before making and considerations at all.


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How To Guide :: Setup your own IRC Server using a personal, or dedicated system or server. Top Freeware Downloads Included! ::

Setup a IRC Server on your Personal Computer or Dedicated Server!


Below you will find a list of IRC server software packages and applications that can be ran on Windows, Linux, or Java, depending on the package you choose to download and use. Our website is hosting the files to this date as organizations like some of the ones listed below, have been known to fall under, due to lack of donations or desire to keep going on with their project. Down the road in the future, the files will still be available to download directly from this website if that should ever happen (Hopefully Not!). You are also able to follow the links associated with the desired applications, and download the most current version of the software from the developers website directly. Their home page website addresses are included in the lists below along with the downloads. All of the Applications and Packages that are listed below, have a Freeware License, or Free for use at the time of writing this article.

Getting prepared to setup a IRC Server yourself:

Before you go downloading and crank through the installation and settings, we recommend you think about a few things before getting started. There are many things you will want to consider before downloading.

* If you plan on running an IRC Server for you and your friends, and up-time, nor speed and reliability are a concern, then you can probably get away with running this on a personal computer in your home.

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Categorized list of Other Articles

MIND BLOWING! - Shared Web Hosting Review for ACENET INC - ( - [Ace Host]. Details, Statistics, Information, User Reviews!
An easy to navigate list of Dictionaries and Thesaurus! Find and use the best and top rated Dictionary and Thesaurus on the net!
How To: Free Ways To Saving Lots of Money On Computer Printer Ink! All Brands! Printer Refills, Conserve, More!!
Secret: Free secret Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tip on getting hundreds of free back links to your blog or website!
Was your website hacked?
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Question: What does Outlook/Windows E-Mail Error Code 0x800CCC0E Mean? Steps listed to fix this error on this page!

Easily Troubleshoot & Resolve 'Outlook E-mail Client' Error Code 0X800CCC0E!

The problem:

Are you sick and tired of not being able to fix your recent or prolonged issue with Windows Mail or Outlook Express/Professional regarding a error when you try to connect? 0x800CCC0 is probably the most common error that users are faced with when email fails using a E-mail client like Outlook Express or similar. The exact error I am talking about looks as followed:

SMTP, Port: 25, Secure(SSL): No, Socket Error: 10060, Error Number: 0x800CCC0E

It's possible you may also see another error that resembles this one below:

You may have never touched your account settings inside your
mail client and you just started receiving this. It's also possible you are
receiving this message after performing a Windows Re-Install or Adding new
account settings and cannot figure out what your missing. I can tell you
something right now that might help. It is not the fault of the mail server that
resides on your ISP or Web-Host or where ever you may connect to your e-mail

You may be here because you have already found out that contacting
Technical Support or the IT department will not get you too far. This is because
you are not making a proper connection to the mail server. This can be because
of many reasons. In this tutorial, I will list step by step instructions on how
you might be able to fix this. Sometimes the settings or errors that caused
0X800CCC0E are so simple, you may feel stupid after fixing them. No worries,
everyone has their strong points in life and computer information doesn't have
to be everyone's thing right?

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419 Nigerian Advance-Fee Fraud, Cashier's Check Fruad, Check Washing & Similar Internet Scams! Submit Victim Stories Here!

Popular Scams circulating the Internet and Postal Mail of Honest People!


Before I get started, I would like to explain something important to the viewers of this article. The article is geared towards getting stories and responses from people who have become victims of these kinds of scams. Below I'll provide a few examples, but what we're really looking for are your stories as victims. These stories will be used for other readers on the internet to serve the purpose of a warning. We believe responses from victims are the main cause that will prevent a future victim from becoming involved with one of these kinds of scams. Some of these future victims have become involved and so invested into the scam, it takes a lot of details and proof to show them the path their heading down in life and the family that has to suffer with them. If you are one of these victims, we would love to hear from you!

Post your story or view other victims of these scams directly by clicking this link:

Otherwise, you can scroll down to the bottom of this article for further instructions on how you can share your story with us!

General Scams:

Many of us have see these types of scam letters in our email box before. They can range anywhere from us winning millions of dollars, to getting ripped off by cashing a cashiers check to send someone something you were selling on Craig's List. There is a difference between the two. The cashier fraud scam is not really considered a actual 419 scam but their quite similar in a lot of ways.

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Why does my fax machine disrupt my VOIP service? Whenever it's plugged in, I lose service. Why?

VoIP service being disrupted when you plug in your Fax/Printer/All-in-one device?

While I was a Technician working for Comcast, I only ran into this problem one time during my entire cable career as a Comcast CDV (Comcast Digital Voice) VoIP telephone installer. The problem is very rare but if it does happen, you will be pulling your hair out trying to figure out how to fix it. This type of problem only effect VoIP service to my knowledge.

What happens is every time you plug your fax machine, or a 'all in one' printer/fax unit into one of your phone jacks or a splitter, you lose all dial tone. Soon as the device is un-plugged, service restores back to normal.

Good News:
The good news is you don't have to buy a new fax/printer device to correct the issue.

Bad News:
The bad news is you will need access to a pair of wire cutters, a uncompressed or virgin phone fitting, and telephone fitting crimpers. If you can't access these type of tools, you can get a pair of cheap crimpers for about $10 and a small bag of telephone fittings for about $5 at the Home Depot or a store similar. No need to buy top of the line tools because you will only need to use the crimpers once to fix this issue. In fact, you could even return the crimpers when your done if you'd like.

How to fix this problem:
I'm not 100% why this happens but I do know how to fix it easily. A standard fax and telephone device only uses (2) out of (4) wires on a phone cord. In your telephone cord which is commonly known as silver satin for it's silver color and smooth texture, you will notice there are a total of (4) tiny wires inside. These (4) wires fit into your telephone fitting with much ease. To stop this problem, we only want two of the wires to go into the fitting and not all (4). Commonly, you would just insert all (4) wires, crimp the fitting and it's ready for use.

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Access Dined

This is probably because of the following reasons:

  • You are trying to download a file without being a Registered User, or you have not logged in. Please click [Back] and Register a Free Account at this URL: or make sure you are logged in if you already have a Registered Account.

  • You are attempting to access a restricted area and your account does not have the privileges to gain access.

  • Your doing something strange. Being logged in and clicking on the register new account link will cause you to see this page.

  • If none of the above reasons apply, please report it in the forums at this link:

Click here to go back to

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Sign up to receive daily email notifications to multiple types of exploits

Subscribe to receive security hack and exploit alerts

Below is a link you can subscribe to have multiple threats, alerts, and security exploits emailed to you when their discovered by US-Cert. This is a free service provided by the Homeland Security department. This kind of thing would be good for anyone who works with IT and Computer security on a daily basis.

You can sign up at this link:

If anyone has any additional reports can be left on this page or in the forums and I will archive them accordingly.

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Critical Exploit Alert! New exploit discovered regarding [IDNs] and phishing that looks 100% legit! This is a must read!

Exploit alert level SEVERE! Phishing technique made to look 100% legit!

What is all of this about?

Today I received an alert from US-CERT Security Tips via email. This is a mailing list that I'm subscribed too that alerts me of any new security exploits, or vulnerabilities that System Administrator should be aware of. This is a free service provided by the US Government and I would like to welcome any to subscribe to their mailing list. You may click the link below for more information on how you can subscribe to their mailing list to receive similar alerts if this type of thing catches your interest.

Below is a direct copy of the alert I received.

::Message Sent::

Understanding Internationalized Domain Names

You may have been exposed to internationalized domain names (IDNs) without realizing it. While they typically do not affect your browsing activity, IDNs may give attackers an opportunity to redirect you to a malicious web page.

What are internationalized domain names?

To decrease the amount of confusion surrounding different languages, there is a standard for domain names within web browsers. Domain names are included in the URL (or web address) of web site. This standard is based on the Roman alphabet (which is used by the English language), and computers convert the various letters into numerical equivalents. This code is known as ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange). However, other languages include characters that do not translate into this code, which is why internationalized domain names were introduced.

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Send free anonymous SMS phone text messages over the internet?

How can I send a SMS cellphone text message to a friend just using the Internet?

I purchased a 1 year contract with Verizon about 9 months ago. I purchased the plan for the same reasons other people purchase them, I got a free phone with it. I just needed something little and I really didn't care about what other features came with it. I was only concerned with size, and the ability to do basic incoming and outgoing calls with the Caller ID feature.

After some time went by (about 9 months), I noticed that my video display wouldn't show any kind of video or picture when I flipped my cell phones top open. Despite that being broken, I could still make incoming and outgoing calls with my phone. This really didn't seem to bother me until I needed a phone number out of my Contacts/Phone Book. Then I really got mad when I noticed I had 6 new text messages but couldn't read a single one!

I decided that it wouldn't make much sense to buy a new phone when my contact ended in about 4 months. So I told myself I would just stick it out with the way it is until that time comes around. A few weeks later, something came up where I had to send a SMS text message to my girlfriends cell phone. I wasn't able to call her because she was at work. Where she works, she is not allowed to take calls while on her shift. I knew that if I sent her a text message she would get it because she always keeps her cell phone on vibrate in her pocket.

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GoToAssist Express - What is all the hype about? What can this new innovative utility provide for me or a company?

What makes 'GoToAssist Express' from Citrix so special?


First off, we would like to explain that we have no affiliation with any company or program that we write reviews for. I believe that quality programs and technology should be readily available to all of the general public.

I ran into this program by performing my daily routines at work and catching up on information by reading the companies forums. Normally, when we see something cool or new that is computer or IT related, we'll make a short thread about it telling other employees. After learning that GoToAssist Express is in it's early stages of development. I decided to sign up as a Beta Tester since Citrix has made Beta testing open to the public with this new program of theirs. Their website address is Beta Testing sign up may still be available if your interested in participating in the program.

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How to reset your Wordpress administrator password using various methods. These help you with restoration!

The problem with Wordpress producing invalid link codes in the password restoration feature of the administrator account

A few weeks ago, I helped a client while I was at my job reset his Admin Password for the Wordpress blogging script that he had installed on his hosting account. He was unable to do this because every time he would use the Wordpress email reset feature, he would click on the validation link in his email, and he would get the following error:

"Sorry, that key does not appear to be valid."

There are actually a few things you can do to fix this. From my research it appears this is caused in older versions of Wordpress 2.02 /through/ Wordpress 2.5.1. There is one main method or solution used to fix this. You can easily find these instructions on the Wordpress website. I will also list these below for your convince. There is also another method that I had to use myself in order to successfully reset the admin password. I had to do this because the solution listed on the website, just didn't work in my exact case.

Inside the Wordpress file [wp-login.php], the problem seems to be that the (user_activation_key) field may contain special characters for it's validation codes. These characters will not work with a URL in most cases. When you are sent an email using these special characters, your web browser may not know how to handle it, or the server simply won't produce them in your password reset request emails. This leaves you with a failed result of regaining administrator access to Wordpress.

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