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Windows XP DVD Burner or Rom Drive Displaying error code: 39 or 41 - Easy Fix!

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Hello All,

I have recently ran into this problem and thought I would share. One day I recently purchased a brand new DVD burner for a computer I was working on. To my surprise there was only a disk with a little bit of burning software and no kind of drivers disk to support the new drive I had recently bought. I asked the person at Office Max and they said that it is now a new standard that these drives be auto detected by Windows XP or higher and no drivers are required to be loaded into the system or in Device Manager.

Went home later that day popped out the old IDE DVD Burner and inserted the new one. Reboot the machine and to my surprise the device was detected in device manager as unknown or unrecognized. Looking at some of the details it explained, Windows could not locate the drivers for this device and some error codes were given error codes of "Code 39" and "Code 41".

After some further research on the Internet I was finally able to get my new drive to be seen with very little work on my end. It appears that Windows had already put my old settings into registry not allowing my new drive to be found.

Here are the instructions I used to fix this problem with Code 39 or 41 in Windows XP.

Start Registry Editor (Start, Run and type in regedit then click)

Find "UpperFilters" and "LowerFilters" (and "UpperFilters.bak" "LowerFilters.bak", if they exist) value under the following key in the registry, and delete it:

Start -> Run -> Type: REGEDIT -> Click OK ->
On left folder menu Select -> HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SYSTEM -> CurrentControlSet -> Control -> Class -> Look for 4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318 On the left side you need to remove keys UpperFilters or LowerFilters as explained above on the right side. These instructions do work people!

You can also ->
Use the 'Search' feature in your Registry Editor. The key to search for in your Registry Editor:

Quit Registry Editor and reboot system and check your drivers. Everything should be good to go and your new or existing CD/DVD ROM/Burner should now be installed and running. :)


After rebooting the machine you should see the new detection in your Windows XP Device Manager and you should be all set.
If anyone gets stuck, post a comment and I'll try to help!

After 3 hours of dorking

After 3 hours of dorking around and finding myself at website after website of "Buy my software to fix your problem" I finally remembered this site. You folks are the holy grail of computer solutions. Thanks!

Error code 39 cd/dvd

THANK U, THANK U, THANK U. I have tried for over a week to fix the error code 39 after reading your simple easy instructions the problem was fixed in just a couple of min. U saved my nerves and hair from being pulled out and possibly saved my computer from being hurled through a window. BLESS U and THANKs a Million

code 39 dvd/cd rom drivers

the name is paul taylor running vista on my compaq presario 500 lap top thank you very much as you say it works thanks once again paul

Code 39 when installing Netgear GA311 Adapter


I'm rebuilding the system after a major crash. Am able to load all drivers apart from the Netgear adapter. I've tried the driver on the installation CD and the ones from the Netgear website.

Do you have any ideas please? Is it something to do with the registry.

Current state of OS is Windows + SP2

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What OS are you using?

What OS are you using? Windows SP2 what? XP, Vista? Please provide more information if possible. Did you try following the instructions above? They may help, they did for me awhile back.