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I can not delete .AVI files. I receive a message the file is in use by another process! How to fix this here.

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Ever seen this error message recently?

"File is in use by another process!" When trying to delete any of your .AVI files? This can be very frustrating, but help is on the way!

When an AVI file is corrupt, the process that allows the preview picture to appear when you click once on the file is unable to complete. If you delete the following registry entry, you turn off this preview function for .AVI files only, preventing this problem from occurring again in the future.

Search Registry for this key. Click [Start] -> Run -> Type: REGEDIT -> Then use the search feature to find the key listed below ->


Click once on Default and then press the Delete key on your keyboard. Reboot your computer for the change to take affect.

You should be good to go after completing these required steps.

Comments and questions always welcomed.