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Every time I want to save a photo or a pic (from internet) on to my Hard Drive, I can save it only in BMP format. - Quick Fix!

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Surfing the internet see a few pictures you would like to save for later use and you notice that their always saving as .BMP and not a their original format like .gif, .jpg, .jpeg? This is a very annoying bug with our friend Windows XP and Higher. There is a easy solution to this that I had to find on my own at one time a few years back when I was designing Web Pages.

Easy Solution: ->

Delete your Internet Temporary files. Open Internet Explorer, select [TOOLS] on the top of the web browser. Then select [Internet Options]. In the opening box, click on delete Internet Temporary Files. If you have never done this it may take a couple of minute(s) or so to delete all of these files. Every time you visit a web page it stores pieces of every site on your computer. This gets all filled up and Windows has a nit fit and causes you strange troubles.

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Thanks for the post, I have been trying to figure this out for sometime now.