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Question: Why does Windows XP Pro only allow '10' incoming client connections? Can I over ride this limit at all?

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Tired of capping out on your incoming client connections by only '10' on Microsoft Windows XP Pro? Well I am sorry to say but you won't find the answer you looking for, but I will explain this further for you so you have a better understanding as to why.

If you wish to run more than 10 incoming client connections (Windows XP PRO is a client) you need a Windows operating system that has been designed as a server and not a client. You could also purchase a copy of Windows 2000 or Windows.Net and then buy additional Client Access Licenses as you need too. The Windows 9x product line did not have an inbound connection limitation. Microsoft imposed the limit starting with the Windows NT Workstation products and have continued with it in Windows 2000 Professional and the Windows XP products.

I would say if you can't spend this kind of money I would advise the Linux operating system if your able to learn how to use it quickly.

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