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Question: What is the listening port for the Windows Remote Desktop application that comes with my Windows Version?

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The listening port number for the Windows Remote Desktop application runs on port: 3389. If you are using a firewall or router with the computer you wish to connect to while at work or another location then make sure you review the following or you will have trouble!

If using a Router on your High Speed Internet or DSL Network:

1.) Make sure you log into your router and either open up or setup port forwarding requests for port 3389. It should ask what computer or address you want to forward these too? You should enter in the local DHCP IP Address of the computer that is running the application or the computer that will be viewed or controlled remotely.
2.) Your DHCP local IP Network Address is different from your actual IP address given by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). In almost all cases it will look something very similar like for D-Link Routers and for Linksys Routers. You will want to pay attention to the last set of numbers on that IP Address. Each computer on your network will be given a different set of those last set of numbers on that IP.

For example: My computers Local DHCP IP Address is, my brothers would be and my friends The pattern is usually determined by which computer connected to the router first.

If using a Firewall like ZoneAlarm, Norton Internet Security, or McCaffe Firewall:

This is much simpler to do. There are two ways of possibly being able to configure your firewall to allow outside requests to pass though to your computer.

1.) Check all your options and settings to see if you can allow port 3389 to be left opened.
2.) Find a way so you can try to connect to your computer from your remote location. An alert may pop up from your firewall asking what you want to do with the unknown requests it has just received from the outside world. You will want to have a friend choose 'Always allow these requests' when that warning comes up.

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