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Question: Why do I see a login screen that says [Computer-Name/Guest] and won't allow me to enter a valid username?

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When using Microsoft Windows:

Do you see a message that says something like "Computer's Name/Guest" in a login box but it's all grayed out and won't allow you to type in anything else like a valid username when accessing a computer over your Network? Below are a few steps you can take to work around this little problem you might be facing.

Solution #1:

1.) Open up your Control Panel Window.
2.) Click and open up Administrative Tools and choose Computer Management.
3.) Select Local Users and Groups, double click on Users and then right-click on Guests.
4.) Finally, left click on Properties and make sure Uncheck account has been disabled.

Solution #2:

The other solution is to set up an account for the other computer. Microsoft Windows XP has its roots in Windows NT which requires user accounts or guest accounts for all clients logging into a computer.

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