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Question: When I access a Network from a Win XP to a Win 98SE computer, I get a (ComputerName\IPC$). How do I stop this?

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So your running a network with at least (1) Machine using Windows XP and (1) Machine using Windows 98SE right? For some reason when you try to access files on the other computer it's asking for some type of login information or prompting an error similar to: ComputerName\IPC$ correct?

I actually remembered running into this myself. There are a couple of things you do and go over to stop this error.

Things to go over and check to fix this are:

1.) Turn off firewalls if any are used (including XP's Internet Connection Firewall). If this is the cause, you will need to reconfigure your firewalls.
2.) Turn on Guest Accounts in Control Panel | User Accounts.
3.) Create an account on your XP machine that matches the username and password you use to log in to the other computers.
4.) Get rid of all protocols except TCP/IP and make sure it's bindings include file and printer sharing. This is not recommended if you have no router between your network and the internet because you are very
vulnerable. If you don't have a router, I suggest you disconnect from the internet before you try this. If it works for your network, you'll want to purchase a router.
5.) If you have a router, run the network wizard and select to set it up for a "gateway" connection. Also I found I needed to let it select my connection in the process.

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