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Question: How can I password protect my network shares on Microsoft Windows XP?

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You want to password protect your folders and data on Windows XP but seem having trouble on what to do, or what changed differently from previous versions of Windows right? There are a couple things to go over depending on which version of Windows XP your running on the computer in question.

Microsoft Windows XP Professional:

When you have XP Professional, you can disable 'simple file sharing' in the folder options. With a right-click on the folder you want to share, you can enable sharing and with a click on the permissions button you can restrict permissions to users and groups. Every user that want to access to your shared files must have an account on your system (by default with password). So a single user can access with his username and password all shared folders, when you allowed this in the permission settings for this single user /or groups.

Microsoft Windows XP Home:

For Home Edition there is only simple file sharing. If you want to use passwords- you should create password protected zip archives from the folder, you want to share with WinZip or another third-party tool and copy the archive to the 'shared folder' directory.

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